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This Is It EP

'This is it,' as the name suggests, is a five songs EP showcasing the talent of legendary Reggae artists Anthony B, Twiggi, Perfect Giddimani, and rising Reggae - Dancehall stars Masta Recka, Cuz Diego, and Sativa D Black1. A diverse blend of lyrics covering multiple topics and tapping into several genres, 'This is it,' produced by Masta Recka for Zyfex Music and distributed by Tuff Gong International, is available on all digital services worldwide.

The song "Progress" by Anthony B and Masta Recka strengthens and inspires! "If a no progress left from 'bout yah." The complexity of relationships, love, and desire drives "Do That" by Twiggi and "Patience" by Cuz Diego. Twiggi speaks her mind on what she wants in "Do That" and calls the shots in an anthem for a woman who wants more than a boy toy. Cuz Diego is ready for that commitment, his "Patience" is pushed to the limit by an untamed lover. In "Jah is Great," Sativa D Black1 reminds us of the greatness of the Most High as he explores biblical facts that touch the core! Giddimani's "Trouble Deh Deh," a voice echoing Reggae Dancehall's history. He pays tribute to some artists who paved the way while being concerned about the present state of the industry.

To celebrate the arrival of the new EP "This is it," a media blitz along with various of its artists performing at major events is underway for 2023 and beyond.

Purchase your copy of 'This is it' 'cause a "it this!" will support the hard work of artists that brings you quality music.



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