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Urban Mystic Drops Uplifting Anthem Don't Worry ft. AnnaleaX & YNIQ

Updated: May 7

Kingston, Jamaica—Miami-based Urban Mystic is back with a brand new single, "Don't Worry." This sunshine-soaked track features the soulful vocals of Annaleax and the smooth flow of YNIQ It is a refreshing adaptation of Bob Marley's iconic "Three Little Birds," offering a message of hope and resilience in the face of everyday struggles.

"Don't Worry" opens with Annaleax's airy vocals, setting a mood of tranquility as she ushers in the spirit of the original Marley classic. The rhythm section then takes hold with a contemporary reggae groove, perfectly punctuated by Yniq's laid-back rapping, adding a modern twist to the timeless message.

Urban Mystic's "Don't Worry" isn't just a cover; it's a reimagining, a faithful yet innovative take on a beloved classic. The track perfectly blends the rootsy reggae sound with modern production techniques, creating an infectious melody that will have you swaying and singing along.

This new single is a testament to Urban Mystic's ability to seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary soundscapes. "Don't Worry" is a feel-good anthem, a reminder to find joy and optimism even amidst life's challenges, a message that resonates deeply in these times.

With "Don't Worry," Urban Mythic ft. Annaleax & YNIQ have delivered a song that is both familiar and fresh, a testament to the enduring power of Bob Marley's music and a celebration of reggae's ability to uplift and inspire. Get ready to add this sunshine-filled anthem to your playlist and let the good vibes flow.


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