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Ten Must - Have CDs on a Deserted Island

So, you’re stranded on a deserted island somewhere in the South Pacific. You have all the food and water you’ll ever need and good shelter from Mother Nature and her bastard son, El Nino. You have been stranded for weeks and dying for a boat, raft, oil tanker, cargo ship, cruise ship or any form of flotation to get you off. Finally, a boat arrives and you are thinking, “ackee and saltfish, Red Stripe beer here I come”.

However, to your dismay, the boat captain politely informs you that it is impossible for you to go to Jamaica. You see, while you were drinking coconut water and eating roast fish on your deserted island, a deadly virus had developed in the Caribbean.

The Captain informs you that you will have to spend (12) more months on your island paradise. He also tells you to choose (10) CDs plus a solar-powered CD player. What ten CDs would you choose? Well, had it been me, here is my list of must-have on a deserted island CDs”.


Van is my favourite rocker, not well known in Jamaica, but he is a great songwriter. This CD includes such gems as 'Crazy Love' (covered by Brian McKnight and Maxi Priest), 'In The Mystic' and the marvellous title track. 'Moondance' captures the essence of blues, rhythm and blues, soul and rock intertwined in a unique style which has earned Morrison a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Rubber Soul

Classic Beatles music includes 'You Won’t See Me', 'Girls,' 'Norwegian Wood' and 'Michelle' (one of my all-time favourites). Great lyrics, sweet melodies and acoustic music to die for.

True Democracy

One of the best albums ever produced, it is the Pulse at their creative best. 'Rally Round' and 'Blues Dance Raid' are classics produced by Pulse and Karl Pitterson. This album established Steel Pulse as one of the great reggae bands of all time.


A delightful album from the 'King' which deals with love, meditation, internal conflicts and mother nature. 'Misty Morning', 'Easy Skanking', 'Sun is Shining', 'Rock my Boat', and 'Kaya' all have similar themes. 'Is This Love' is my favourite love song from the 'Gong'. Then, 'Running Away' deals with Bob’s struggles of living in Jamaica after the Hope Road attack in 1976, leaving him, Rita Marley and manager Don Taylor with bullet wounds.


The ultimate protest album dedicated to Mother Africa. Bob became an African hero after 'Survival'. My favourite cut is 'Ride Natty Ride'. Inspirational, patriotic and enlightening are words that aptly describe this great album.

That’s the Way of the World

This album skillfully merges soul, funk and R&B into one unforgettable musical treat. 'Reasons' is the ultimate love song. 'Shining Star' is funk at its best, 'All About Love' is absolutely wonderful, 'That’s the Way of the World' has the ability to take you to another dimension. It certainly did that to me the first time I heard it.

Songs From the Key of Life

Stevie is a direct gift from God to the music world. This album celebrated the African influence on modern American music: unique melodic structures, fabulous arrangements, and flawless vocals are the hallmark of this project. 'Pastime Paradise', 'Love’s in Need of Love', 'Sir Duke' and 'Knock Me Off My Feet' are evidence of the fantastic songwriting ability of the master.

Wanted Dread & Alive

The great thing about this album is that it is terrific musically and captures the many sides of Tosh. 'Coming in Hot', 'Wanted Dread & Alive' is Tosh the revolutionary; 'Rastafari Is', The religious man, and 'Nothing But Love', the lover.

Bob Andy's Song Book

Bob Andy is one of the great Jamaican songwriters and no other album drives this fact home more than Song Book: 'Unchained', 'I’ve Got to Go Back Home', 'Too Experienced', 'Feeling Soul' and 'My Time' what excellent stuff!!

Back on the Block

This album pays tribute to all forms of Black music (except for reggae – mi still vex, Q!!) jazz, rap, soul, R&B, samba, South African and West African sounds all in one package and featuring the most incredible voices and talent in music. Luther Vandross, Ella Fitzgerald, George Benson, Ice T, Big Daddy Kane, James Moody, Herbie Hancock, Dizzy Gillespie, Take 6, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Andre Crouch, Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau, Barry White and Sarah Vaughn. Check the classic 'Secret Garden' Q, you are the man!

What would your choices be? Please drop us a note to let us know. I know for sure that I would be set with all the food and shelter I need plus my ten CDs. Twelve months would be a breeze.

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Steve Urchin
Steve Urchin
May 31, 2021

10 reggae cds would be easier but 10 in all?! Dat rough! lemme give it a shot :

  1. sean paul - stage one

  2. buju banton - inna heights

  3. bob marley - kaya

  4. fela - zombie

  5. Coltrane - love supreme

  6. Metallica - master of puppets

  7. smiths - queen is dead

  8. public enemy- it takes a nation of millions

  9. the police - regatta de blanc

  10. prince - under a cherry moon


Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith
May 27, 2021

Only ten?! That’s tuff. Am sure it would differ from day to day, but this morning, this is my selection: Bitty McLean - The Taxi Sessions Buju Banton - Mr. Mention Burning Spear - Hail H.I.M. Cocoa Tea - Reggae Anthology The Sweet Sound Of Cocoa Tea D’Angelo - Brown Sugar Dennis Brown - Words Of Wisdom Garnet Silk - Gold Gregory Isaacs - Once Ago Lauren Hill - The Miseducation Of Lauren Hill

Notorious B.I.G. - Life After Death Feel bad for leaving out so many others. And really had a tuff time trying to choose which Dennis Brown album to pick.

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