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Listening to Drake makes you run Slower

Drake's music is probably not something you should put in your next high-intensity exercise playlist. This was revealed in a recent report in XXLMag.

According to a survey published on November 30 by apparel shop Pour Moi, those who listened to Drizzy's music during a jogging session ran slower.

The study examined data from 60 runs by a group of runners listening to various musicians for each training session to see if there was a link between artists and running speed.

Drake topped the list of musicians who had the most negative impact on running speed, according to the business. Runners increased their running time by 6% on average during their three-mile run. This implies Drake might cut your marathon time by over 15 minutes (14:42).

Nicki Minaj, Drake's buddy and fellow rapper, placed fourth on the list. While listening to Nicki, runners improved their three-mile marathon running time by one minute and 24 seconds.

Runners who listened to Beyoncé's music, on the other hand, were able to reduce their three-mile running time by two minutes and 45 seconds.

Running at a slower speed, on the other hand, may be advantageous. According to a Men's Health article published on Wednesday (December 15), exercising at a slower pace—known in the fitness community as lower-intensity steady state (LISS) exercise—can help you maintain a consistent heart rate, increase endurance, improve blood flow, and recover faster after a brisk run.

So jogging while listening to Certified Lover Boy might not be such a horrible idea after all. 



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