• Janae Hyman

Lady Saw For Reggae Sumfest?

With the Covid restriction now over, the entertainment industry is in for a big boom, and one of the most anticipated events is Reggae Sumfest. There is additional buzz due to the possibility of seeing the return of the retired Queen of The dancehall, Lady saw.

The famed queen of risque lyrics converted to Christianity a few years ago, but the sleeping lioness was awakened after she got into conflict with several female artists, including Shenseea, Spice and Macka Diamond.

The controversy started after Saw chastised Shenseea and Spice for their raunchy songs and admonished them to change track.

This caused a firestorm on Social media, and after the back and forth, Lady Saw declared she was coming out of retirement and returning to dancehall.

This has caused fans to wonder if her triumphant return will be that biggest music festival In Jamaica, Reggae Sumfest. With Shenseea booked for the festival, fans are salivating at the prospect of Lady Saw, Spice and Shenseea headlining the famous reggae festival.

Dr. Sonjah Niaah

According to Dr. Sonjah Niaah, 'Yes she will. She couldn't threaten to return, ask for forgiveness from her God for stepping out of the church and not seek to perform at the largest stage show in Jamaica, which has been dominated by Spice, who has closed the show on dancehall nights a few times. One might say, Sumfest has been Spicefest for some time and those who saw her 2019 performance will understand.

So if Marion Hall returns to dancehall, there would definitely be an aim to dominate at what has become Spicefest. The festival owner would win, Marion Hall would win, and for sure Spice would win. I am personally looking forward to the clash.'

Reggae Sumfest 2022 will get off with The Blitz Party on Wednesday, July 20, followed by The Global Sound Clash on Thursday, July 21, and then the Friday and Saturday Main Festival Nights on July 22 and 23.