• Jill Tasty

Grenada is Among the World’s First ‘Culinary Capital’

Grenada, along with its sister islands Carriacou and Petite Martinique, has been named the world's first "Culinary Capital" by the World Food Travel Association (WFTA).

As the tourism business recovers from the Covid epidemic, the WFTA has launched Culinary Capitals as part of a recovery strategy for the industry. The initiative intends to bring attention to the culinary cultures of the countries involved.

Photo by Edward Howell

Grenada is known for the wide variety of spices used in its cuisine, which give the country's cuisine a distinct intensity. Street cuisine, coastal eateries, and fine dining all have carefully picked flavours blended into each dish to produce that distinct Grenadian flavour.

We can mention the national dish of oil down (a one-pot fish or meat stew simmered in coconut milk with breadfruit and taro), artisan chocolate, a variety of rum recipes, and, of course, those fragrant spices among the reasons for putting Grenada at the top of the list of countries with an impressive food profile.