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Frenna Dutch Superstar Spreading the Dancehall Flavour

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Jamaican Popular Music (JPM) is omnipresent, wherever there is popular music you will hear the 'Sounds of Kingston'. By extension, the drums and rhythms of the Motherland , African remain the source of black creativity and imagination. Holland is a current hotbed for black music and the local music scenes in Amstedam and the Hague are making waves through homegrown artists who have African heritage. One such artist is Frenna. 

The Dutch Ghanaian rapper is a significant force in the Dutch black music scene. He is known for international hits like 'Ghetto Youth', 'Abloh' and 'Money Deh Yah',. Frenna's music borrows from Jamaican dancehall and Ghanaian afrobeats. The dancehall flavour is strong on 'Fake Love' featuring Delany,  'Only You' ft. Philly Moré , 'Ghetto Youth' and Give Dem ft. Chivv.On 'Money Deh Yah', he gives a shout out to Jamaica, showing his respect to Jamaican culture and the music.

Frenna, who was born in The Hague in The Netherlands, has strong Ghanaian roots. He has noted that growing up partially in Ghana has had a significant impact on his creative process.

So far, Frenna has had a fantastic journey, he has scored numerous #1 hits and two platinum albums. He was crowned the  most-streamed Dutch Spotify Artist in 2019, in addition to breaking the Spotify record for most streams in twenty-four hours,  

In July his sold-out Larger Than Live 'Frenna Deluxe' show was his first show in four months as all his performances got cancelled due quarantine measures. The show was the first time he got the opportunity to perform tracks from his platinum album 't Album Onderweg Naar Het Album'.

photos by Jorden Hendriks

At 'Frenna Deluxe' show the rapper received a special award that recognizes the 1 billion worldwide streams Frenna received on his solo tracks and projects where he was a featured artist.

After receiving, the award on stage Frenna said 'I am so grateful for my fans. Because of my fans, I am able to realize my dream, each and every day. I want to thank everyone who listens to my music and has contributed to these billion streams from the bottom of my heart'.