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Introducing Frenna, One Beat Trailblazer

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The concept of One Beat continues to grow globally and is taking root in unusual places. One such music scene is thriving in Amsterdam, Holland. Urban culture with its afro diasporic influence is rising in Holland's pop music scene. A black Dutch youth culture creates this with roots in Africa and the Caribbean. They borrow from hip hop, afrobeat, reggae and dancehall.

Frenna is one of the top artists who have been making waves for the past few years. He is the frontman for SFB, one of the leaders of the New Wave collective; the general public has been able to get to know his sound and talent for hits. His first solo project, "No Eye Close Done", was a hit with the hit single "My Love".

In between the SFB projects, he has had collaborations with, among others, Ronnie Flex, Emms (Broederliefde) and Bizzey. He also dropped an EP with his producer-protégè Diquenza called "We Don't Stop". With the featuring of the Ghanaian superstar Mugeez on the track "Walk Away", Frenna has already taken the first steps to conquer the world alongside the Netherlands.

Frenna has been busy lately. In the run-up to his new album, which is due to be released via Top Notch in November, he has already released several singles, including the mega hit "Past Time" together with Lil "Kleine.

Within 24 hours, this remake of "Onderweg" (Abel, 2000) broke the Spotify record of the most streamed track, and he was number 1 in the Single Top 100 for a few weeks.


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