• Janae Hyman

Esther Anderson is about to lose the flat where she lived with Bob Marley

Updated: Jun 29

British Jamaican actress and film-maker Esther Anderson is threatened with eviction and repossession of her London flat due to non-payment of service charges. Anderson is also known for her relationship with reggae legend Bob Marley.

Anderson’s plight has forced her to set up a gofundme page to raise £10,000 to cover what she calls the “inflated” service charges, using the Hashtag #getupstandupforesther. The courts will hear the possession case on March 18. On her fundraising page, Anderson says: “Every night for the past month I have gone to bed in tears, anxious, in a state of disbelief. It has been so upsetting and nerve-wracking... I can barely sleep and know I have to overcome this nightmare somehow.”

Anderson said she brought the flat in Cheyne Row, Chelsea, in 1968 and has lived there for 52 years. Her relationship with Marley lasted two years in the 1970s, just before he became an international star, and according to her, the song "I Shot the Sheriff" was written at the flat when Bob Marley was living there with her.

The St Mary-born former beauty queen’s movie credits include The Touchables (1968), Two Gentlemen (1969), One More Time (1970) and A Warm December (1973), which also stared another Caribbean native, the legendary Sydney Poitier. As a film producer, her credits include The Three Dumas and Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend.