• RiddimStyle Staff Writer

Coping with COVID 19 In the Tri -State Area

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Covid-19 has taken a toll on the Caribbean community in the United States, where several persons in the entertainment business and media have passed. Notable examples are media personnel, Father German, steel pan pioneer, Martin Douglas and veteran broadcaster, Gil Bailey.

Caribbean creatives in America are experiencing the hardships that creatives worldwide are going through due to social distancing restrictions. Entertainment is still at a standstill in the tri-state area, so we wanted to hear from the Caribbean community how they are coping.

Riddimstyle Magazine spoke to Brooklyn based singer SóNia bout how she is coping during this period

Riddstyle: What have you been doing to work on your craft since lockdown?

SóNia: I do a lot of voice training while practising social distancing and I’m here writing some new gospel songs along with some lover’s rock.

Riddimstyle: How long will it take for the reggae music scene to recover?

SóNia: I’m going to estimate a very long time however things have begun re-opening so I’m hoping that reggae music will be back sooner than later.

Riddimstyle: How do you see things changing in New York entertainment?

SóNia. Well, things have been changing because performances are now done on social media Tele Tron and more it’s going to affect the number of people that they can accommodate in shows because we still have to practice social distancing until the end of this pandemic.

Riddimstyle: What new projects are you working on presently?

SóNia: Well, I will be making original gospel songs and videos to reflect on the seriousness of the time we are living in today. To help spread my message in songs to help people with their everyday living, and to help make this world a better place.