• Janae Hyman

VP Records Matriarch to release an autobiography

Updated: May 12, 2021

Record Mogul Patricia Chen of VP Records is set to release her biography in March 2021.

The book My Reggae Music Journey, spans six decades of music history, from the rise and development of Randy's Record Mart, the famed music shop and recording studio in downtown Kingston, Jamaica, founded with her late husband Vincent 'Randy' Chin in 1958.

It chronicles the family's migration to New York City, the late 1970s, where VP Record Distributors was established. The book shares personal insights about the Jamaican music industry's rise and nuggets of wisdom about the music business and life. Through decades of transition, Miss Pat has triumphed over adversity.

VP Records is the largest distributors and record label for Jamaican popular music globally. With a catalogue of 25,000 recordings the company has had significant success with artists such as Sean Paul, TOK, Beres Hammond and Lady Saw