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TikTok Partners with TuneCore

TikTok has recently revealed that TuneCore, a Believe-owned digital distribution platform, has been chosen as SoundOn's distribution partner.

In essence, musicians that submit their music to TikTok SoundOn will have their songs disseminated to other platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, and so on) through TuneCore.

According to sources, TuneCore has been the service's distribution partner since SoundOn quietly began in beta last September.

TikTok had a different distribution partner before SoundOn: independent artist distribution platform UnitedMasters, who signed a contract with TikTok in August 2020.

According to our sources, that arrangement is no longer in existence, but UnitedMasters has been chosen as one of TikTok's six 'certified Sound Partners.'

TikTok Sound Partners include Epidemic Sound, a Stockholm-based producing music company, and Songtradr, a Los Angeles-based B2B song licensing marketplace.

TikTok said that its new SoundOn service will payout 100% royalties to music producers in the first year and 90% after that and various promotional tools and assistance.

On the other hand, TuneCore now offers three choices for direct clients, including paying per single or per album or posting to social media solely.

TuneCore's Social Platforms option has no upfront price and will be available in November 2021. On the other hand, TuneCore will receive a 'small percentage of income' produced by these music on social sites.

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