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Mixcloud Launches New Production Tool for Creators

If you're an aspiring musician or producer, you might be interested to know that Mixcloud offers a platform for you to showcase your original short-form audio. Since the launch of Tracks in 2022, thousands of creators have taken advantage of this opportunity and uploaded their own productions.

Mixcloud is a great platform for aspiring musicians and producers to showcase their original short-form audio. Thousands of creators have already taken advantage of this opportunity since the launch of Tracks in 2022. Four creators, including Chris Coco, Promo Zo, DJ Balrog, and DJ Shinski, have shared their experiences using Tracks.

These four creators come from different backgrounds and have varying levels of experience. Chris Coco and DJ Balrog, for example, have released over 20 albums throughout their careers and are established names in the industry. Promo Zo and DJ Shinski, on the other hand, started as DJs on Mixcloud and then transitioned into production.

All four have found Tracks to be a valuable resource for expanding their creativity and housing all their content in one place.

According to DJ Shinski, "My tracksGive It To Meand Bounce are geared towards an international audience. I want to produce and market songs that everyone can listen and vibe to. The reaction since I posted my tracks has been positive so far; my audience has received them well and they are requesting more music. I’ve managed to gain more direct connection with artists from all over the world."


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