• Janae Hyman

Tik Tok Shares Revenues with Creators 50/50

TikTok will split a percentage of earnings with top producers on the site when commercials are shown alongside their videos, according to reports from Digital music news. It's comparable to how YouTube compensates its producers. TikTok creators are currently financed by the TikTok Creator Fund and user donations, making the platform more similar to Twitch.

TikTok Pulse is a new service that permits advertisements to run alongside the top 4% of TikTok videos. All videos featured are available for creators and publishers with at least 100,000 followers to get a portion of the income.

TikTok claims it will split 50 percent of ad income with TikTok Pulse producers. This is similarly comparable to YouTube's creator split, which is 55/45 in favour of creators. TikTok Pulse will be available in the United States in June, with more markets following later in the year.