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Tik Tok Creator Fund Under Pressure from Creators

The TikTok Creator Fund has come under fire from creators for its operation. It compensates producers based on the popularity of their videos, although the payments are often tiny and irregular. As a result, it isn't a realistic cash stream for most producers when contrasted to something more long-term like ad revenue.

TikTok attempts to lure people away from other video services such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live. One of its main worries is keeping producers on the site since the ever-changing "Discovery" feed is continually looking for fresh material to suggest.

TikTok's fundamental feature – short-form videos – has been cloned by YouTube and Meta. Shorts on YouTube and Reels on Instagram both exist to keep producers on both platforms happy and away from TikTok.

However, creators frequently stretch themselves over various media to reach the biggest audience. To avoid its material being repeated by producers seeking the greatest compensation or the next viral video – regardless of platform — Instagram stopped paying Reels shared with the TikTok watermark.

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