• Dennis Howard

The Making of a Dancehall Star from Struggle to Stardom (Part 1)


Hey, I man want to be famous, get a lot of women, drive some hot cars and go farin nuff nuff. Mi no inna nuh hard wuk still, cause I man cyaa tek dat. Now what can I man do fi achieve this in a short space of time. Drugs? No sah! mi fraid a prison and man wi kill mi fi mi coke an herb. Become a don? Bwoy don life tek too long and too stressful, yah. Hold a higgler an mek she mind mi?

Lawd dem too possessive and some too freaky, plus some wi beat me and me likkle girl. Deh wid a uptown browning? Cho dem diss yu up too often, you hear sah and a pure hiding business. Well me nah even think bout de chi chi man business cause dem boy deh fe step pon. Mi cyaan log on pon dat.

Well, it look like I man haffi tun a deejay but I man haffi be a hardcore deejay. Yu know talk bout skettels, talk bout who bow but a hope Sharon and Debbie nuh buss pon me when mi do a song a burn the bow cat dem. Right now mi want buss quick so mi ago bun some fire pon dis oral sex ting cause you done know sey Beenie and Bounty say “Bad man nah bow and a resturant dem mek under g...l.”

Yuh si if Debbie and Sharon try buss sey mi a bow cat mi ago jus polish off dat and give dem some money when I man song start play and mi a get some dub plate money.

Bwoy, a last week mi de down a Sapphire and see the Killah come an just brush two special fi some yute from England and clear $300,000. Beenie come after him an raise $250,000.

Even de old veteran Dennis Walks hold $100,000 fi him song dem, 'Drifter' and 'Heart Don’t Leap.' Rasta, mi a go up a Mixing Lab fi see if a producer wi voice mi, a lang time mi a vibes with Big Foot now an as man whey inna the business (mi use to carry Yellowman bag dem) if him say mi ready, well I man ready.


Bwoy a six week mi deh a Mixing Lab and the one ‘Oney” a de gate jus a fight mi. I cyaa even get in the gate! De idiat bwoy all box mi but you wait till mi buss man. dem bwoy a go want some money, man. Steelie jus walk pass mi when mi a talk to him, all mi a tell him mi have a wicked tune. Cho, if it wasn’t for Big Foot I man wouda jus go down a the ends an go hold a gun but I man kind a ‘fraid. Mi see Fada Pow wha day ya an tell him mi want to do a tune fi him so him sey mi fi come a Stone Love so him can hear mi. Rory jus run I, al lmi a tell him sey a Fada Pow tell mi fi come. Hey, dem coolie bwoy deh a fighta. Well, True Blue finally voice I. It name 'Gal Fi Dead Who Bow.'

Bit Foot sey it hot an a go buss de place, but Blue cyaa tell when him a go release de chune. A months now and all now mi nuh hear mi song but me hear Elephant, Lexxus and Mr Easy song pon de same riddim a buss the place. Richie B and GT Taylor nuh stop play dem.

A wha True Blue a deal wid, fada? How my tune nuh start play and mi hear dem a play some whey worse dan mine? A wah Blue a deal wid? Fadda Pow sey mi fi check next week and de bowy Rory nah go deh deh.

A chop me ago chop up de fool name 'Oney' fi how him diss mi when mi go a Mixing Lab.

Taken from Rantin Inside the Dancehall