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Ten Songs to Carry Us Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

Dennis Howard

Shakespeare famously noted, “If music be the food of love play on; Give me excess of it, that surfeiting the appetite may sicken and so die.”

Music is a very important facet of everyday life. It provides the soundtrack of our experiences. We usually remember important signpost in our lives through music. Bob Marley famously said, ‘one thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain…Hit me with music.” With one of the greatest crises to hit the world, music has and can become a major tool to reduce fear, anxiety and panic among the world's population.

This fact is evident all over the world, with communities, uniting around music as they seek to alleviate the horrors of this pandemic. From virtual parties, to virtual concerts, sound clashes, and tune for tune clashes, the entertainment industry has risen to the occasion by providing vital distraction and relief to this devastating crisis.

Here are my top ten songs to take us through this disaster. They are in no special order, and I suggest you place them on your streaming or iTunes playlist.

  1. ‘Three little Birds’, Bob Marley – When the chips are down this Bob Marley classic provides hope in moments of despair. It’s a reminder that this tragedy will past but we will not forget.

2. ‘Count on me’, CeCe Winans Whitney Huston – This song is about friendship, love and loyalty. CeCe Winan’s and Whitney Huston’s soaring vocals evoke the surety of life beyond this catastrophe.

3. ‘Some Day We’ll All be Free’, Donny Hathaway – listening to the lyrics and golden voice of Donny Hathaway will certainly lead you the believe that we will survive this crisis. While we celebrate the lives of all who fell victim to coronavirus.

4. ‘I Shall Be Released’, The Heptones – “I see my light come shining from the west down to the east Any day now, any day now I shall be released.” The powerful lyrics of Bob Dylan performed by rock steady giants, The Heptones.with the legendary Leroy Sibbles on lead vocals

5. ‘Like old Friends Do’, Carlene Davis- With powerful lyrics such “Times of joy and times of sorrow We will always see it through oh, I don't care what comes tomorrow We can face it together the way old friends do.” Originally done by the Swedish group ABBA, Carlene Davis delivers a brilliant rendition of this song.

6. ‘These Three Words’, Stevie Wonder -no playlist would be complete without a Stevie Wonder. This song has a complex melodic and chord structure, but what do you expect from the genius Steveland Morris AKA Stevie Wonder? Llyrically this song is a ode to love in all its forms.

7. ‘We are the Champions’, Queen - We had to include an arena anthem. Its important to be remember that we are indeed champions of the world.

8. ‘Lights’, Kevin Downswell – The captivating voice of Kevin Downswell reminds us that there is higher force at play that reminds us not to let our lights go out .

9.‘Rise to the Occasion’, Sizzla – Another arena anthem from Kolonji exhorting us to rise to the occasion, a call to action that will be needed during this trying time.

10. ‘Creation’, Peter Tosh -The Bush Doctor said it all. In this time of much sorrow and struggle, “Jah is my life and my strength! Whom shall I fear? He is a shield upon my right and my left hand. Jah is my keeper!”

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