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Tad’s Record Keeps Spreading the Reggae Virus

Tad’s International Record is back with the third instalment of its popular ‘Reggae Virus’ compilation album, Reggae Virus: Sweet Yuh.

This contagious album contains 14 songs by artists who have worked with the label over the years, including Dean Fraser, Hezron, Anthony Cruz, Chezidek, Glen Washington and Richie Spice.

One of the tracks from Reggae Virus: Sweet Yuh., ' Natural Woman' by Hezron, was released on March 8. Another of its songs, ‘Celebration Time’ by Screwdriver, was a hit in South Florida last year.

JC Lodge is also one of the featured artists on offering the sweet flavour she has been known to bellow over the years.

Stevie Face’s brand-new track, Sweet Yuh. is catchy and inspired the name for this sequel of Reggae Virus; which has become a highly anticipated flagship release from Tad’s Record.

The initial album in the series, ‘Reggae Virus First Dose’, was released in June, 2021. It featured songs by Fraser, Chezidek, Screwdriver and Sanchez.

‘Reggae Virus: Booster’ is the second in the series, featuring songs by George Nooks, Josey Wales, Marcia Griffiths, and Hezron.

Dwayne Stephenson, J.C. Lodge, Sophia Squire, Anthony B, Stevie Face, Terry Linen and Perfect Giddamani are also featured on Reggae Virus: Sweet Yuh. which is co-produced by Tad Dawkins Sr and Tad Dawkins Jr.



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