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Stream Or Skip: ‘Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke’

The Nollywood produced movie Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke is now showing on Netflix after being released in early January. The movie is the sequel to the original hit movie Chief Daddy.

The critics have not been kind to the flick. Abirbhab Maitra

'Talking about the second film, Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke, this revenge-themed family dysfunctionality type of plot can be pulled easily with the emotions among the family members with maintaining the drama and comedy (as it is labeled that way). But, unfortunately, none of that happens here. To be honest, the director seems confused about what he wants to make. The writers maybe get high or something as they forget what the movie is about, ss there are no main plots, just subplots. And those also present in an absurd way that doesn't make any sense. Accompanying that the actors deliver some hysterical acting, which doesn't have any justification nor have any relevance.'

John Serba stated, 'What the film needs is editing – one during the writing process, and another to develop a sense of comic timing. Some story elements that should be more critical to the plot are all but forgotten (Laila, the de facto villain here, disappears for long stretches of the movie) for elongated meanderings through Femi's quest for fame and fortune (a scene in which he tries to sell himself by crashing a marketing dept. meeting fails to yield a single smirk) and Dammy's myriad troubles (too many toothless arguments with his soon-to-be wife), and both characters' arcs are at best crudely stapled to the larger inheritance plot. Femi and Dammy share a heartfelt conversation or two that are easily the movie's best moments, but they're not enough to lift this film out of a tedious and moribund muck.'

Chief Daddy 2 is a glitzy and ambitious ensemble film with a cast of big-name Nollywood performers who have won awards and aspires to be a large, cheerful Hollywood comedy. However, as is typical of American films, the screenplay is a problem. It overstretches its many characters, fails to hit enough solid jokes, and is tedious and repetitious. Despite this, the movie still manages to have a charm, which saves it from being a total disaster and will probably grow on fans of the original.

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