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Shazam is Now a Concert Discovery App

Shazam, the music identification app purchased by Apple for $400 million in 2018, has introduced new concert discovery tools to its platform. The company claims it will make it easier for users to find upcoming live music performances and enhance visibility for artists.

According to a report in the Music Business Worldwide, Shazam's new capabilities use concert information from Bandsintown. This event suggestion platform claims to serve over 68 million music lovers and 560,000 musicians, managers, labels and booking agents.

Users may get event information and tickets for upcoming performances near them by 'Shazaming' a song, searching for it in the Shazam app or on the Shazam website.

They can also open a Shazam Artist page to look up upcoming live show dates, times, and locations, tap on any concert to discover further tour information, share show details, and add events to their calendar.

Shazam today has over 225 million monthly active users, with over 1 billion song recognitions each month and more than 50 billion altogether since its start.

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