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  • Janae Hyman

Shaybo Don't Play!

Men, If you are not hardcore, step away! Shaybo will not have it any other way. The dancehall influenced artist has released the single and accompanying video called 'Broke Boyz,' featuring Babydoll. Shaybo declares that she has no time for broke, soft men with lyrics like these; you know she is coming hard.

'I want a nigga that's bad

How much cases you had? Tell me what jail you been?

'Cause all of them talk like they tough

'Til I play with them rough, they be crying on a baby ting

Darling, I'm hard to impress'

Directed by Terry Paul, Shaybo and Dreamdoll swap flirty, eye-snatching stares in an interrogation room before hurling iron-fisted lyrics at the males who have landed themselves on their offender list.

The Lewisham rapper, who was born in Nigeria, has evolved in recent years, and her latest mixtape, Queen of the South, features Jorja Smith and Wale, is a collection of songs that shows her growth.

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