• RiddimStyle Staff Writer

Royal Blu New Generation Artist

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The controversy of genre labeling continues and while some are still fighting to maintain status quo the new generation artists are breaking new grounds and continue the genre defiance that so irks traditional defender of dancehall and reggae. The new movement in genres are being labelled one beat and include sub genres such as trap dancehall, one pop and latrenque these new generation soundscapes are making an impact on the International scene. So while some are complaining, global stars are co-opting Jamaican styles such as dancehall and one beat to enhance and expand their career.

Introducing an artist that is breaking new grounds with the one beat aesthetic - Royal Blu. His musical influences span from Sizzla, Stephen and Damian Marley.  To Nas, Outkast and Lupe Fiasco and even to Michael Bolton and Luther Vandross.  He started writing songs in 2006 for his personal enjoyment but began his professional life in 2012. He made appearances on major stage shows including “Live From Kingston”, which featured fellow New GEN artists, Iba Mahr, Keida and Chronixx.


Royal Blu’s is eclectic in terms of genres, moods, and emotions, one could say that there is a certain genre defiance that is characteristic of these NEW GEN artists . His sound is a big fusion of what is "relevant and at the forefront of modern music today".  All mixed with his Jamaican accent and versatile delivery. His tone is smooth, sophisticated and a blend of jazz improvisation and rapid fire deejaying. Check out tracks like Style and Pattern, Hype and Crazy over You featuring Runkus. This artist seems to be on the right track so keep an ear out.