• Janae Hyman

Rebelution Releases 'In the Moment'

Reggae band Rebelution's much-anticipated new album, 'In The Moment,' is out now, and it features three Jamaicans, Kabaka Pyramid, Busy Signal, and Keznamdi, on the 15-track production.

The new album is a collaboration between the Californian band's 87 Music label and New York-based Easy Star Records.

The album's mix of sounds, which includes alt-rock, electronic, pop, hip hop, and reggae, comes near to capturing the genre's true spirit, with the collaborative element at its core - solidifying what is known as modern reggae in North America.

The fourth single from the album, Busy Signal's 'All or Nothing,' was released recently as a music video.Busy Signals' unadulterated, intensely felt presence adds richness to the track.

On 2020 Vision, The band's vocalist and guitarist, Eric Rachmany, melodically sings, while Kabaka Pyramid delivers a slow-paced, hip hop inspired rhythmic art piece.

Keznamdi's raspy injection in 'Places Unknown' blends seamlessly with the song's roots-rocking atmosphere. Both Kabaka Pyramid and Keznamdi are a part of the band's Good Vibes Summer Tour currently on the road.