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Patrice Roberts x Machel Montano = Like Yuh Self

Trinidadian soca artists Patrice Roberts and Machel Montano have teamed up for a scorching new release entitled "Like Yuh Self", produced by XplicitMevon. The song, which was released on March 1, 2023, has been making waves in the soca world, with fans raving about the infectious beats and catchy lyrics.

"Like Yuh Self" was co-written by Full Blown Entertainment, Patrice Roberts, Machel Montano, and Mevon Soodeen, with additional songwriting by Joaquin Brewster. The song's production credits also include XplicitMevon, who is known for his work with some of the biggest names in soca music.

The upbeat track is an ode to self-confidence and embracing one's own unique style and personality. The lyrics encourage listeners to be true to themselves and not to compare themselves to others. With lines like "jam on who you want, wine on who yuh like ", the song is sure to be an anthem for anyone who has ever felt insecure or unsure of themselves.

Fans of Patrice Roberts and Machel Montano have been eagerly anticipating this collaboration, and "Like Yuh Self" does not disappoint. The two artists complement each other perfectly, with Roberts' smooth vocals blending seamlessly with Montano's signature high-energy delivery.

Overall, "Like Yuh Self" is a feel-good banger that is sure to get people dancing and feeling good about themselves. With its positive message and infectious beats, it's no wonder that this song is already a hit with soca fans around the world.

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