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Naomi Cowan is a StarGirl

Jamaican singer Naomi Cowan recently released 'StarGirl', her first full-length debut album. The mixtape, which has various tunes that reflect Naomi's evolution as an artist since her initial release in 2016, is presented by popular DJ combo Major Lazer, with A&R supervision by Walshy Fire. Major Lazer's first mixtape by a female artist and only their sixth overall.

'Energy', described by the New York Times as an "ingenious, multi-levelled mesh of syncopations and silences," and 'Lucky Me', featuring Runkus and The Wixard, which premiered on FADER in May, are included on 'StarGirl'. The diverse musical styles of the tracks demonstrate the project's overall flexibility, which features R&B, reggae, dancehall, soca, hip-hop, afro-beats, and more.

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