• Janae Hyman

Marley Exhibition Goes to London

The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea will host a unique new exhibition dedicated to Bob Marley's life and music in February. The show will feature previously unseen Marley images and artifacts, emphasising his lifestyle, hobbies, influences, and legacy and described as an "interactive experience.'

Fans will walk through the exhibition, being met by many aspects of Bob Marley's multi-faceted life. The One Love Music Room will honour Bob Marley's accomplishments with praises and massive art pieces.

The One Love Forest will provide a multi-sensory experience. At the same time, the Beautiful Life area will allow fans to delve deeper into Marley's other personal joys, such as football and family. At the same time, the Concrete Jungle and Fan Art Exhibition will feature world-famous artworks by Mr. Brainwash, as well as the opportunity for fans to submit their Marley. One Love inspired art to be included in the exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery.

The Next Gen Room, which celebrates Bob's family and legacy through the next generation, will after that be open to the public.

The Bob merely museum is recruiting artists to submit their work for an opportunity to be a part of the exhibition

The show will debut on February 2nd and run for ten weeks through April 18th.


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