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Manny Norte Worth My While

Manny Norte returns with a new single, "Worth My While", after the successful release of his debut "4 AM."

Stalk Ashley, Tiana Major9, and Ayra Starr appear on this tune, each contributing their unique flavour to create one compelling feel.

"From the success of 4AM and it being so well welcomed throughout the world, I wanted to record another song in a similar vein but this time with an all-female line up!" says musical curator and DJ Manny Norte of the tune.

Speaking to GRM Daily, he noted, "Each of the ladies bring their own unique style to the record which I love. I'm a big fan of all three of them and to have them all on this song excites me. Stalk Ashley is from Jamaica, Tiana Major9 is from the UK, and Ayra Starr is from Nigeria so again I'm bringing different worlds and cultures together on this."

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