• RiddimStyle Staff Writer

Macka Diamond Under Pressure for new Video 'Caution'

It seems that outrage continues to the preferred tool to generate hype and "relevance" in Jamaican pop culture. On the heels of the controversy generated by Shenseea’s The Side Chick song, veteran deejay Macka Diamond has upped the ante by releasing the highly risqué and controversial ‘Caution’. The video for the new song depicts the veteran deejay in some steaming love scenes including sex act such as simulated oral sex. Some fans are saying the song is outrageous and as a veteran she should set a better example.

Comments on her YouTube channel include,

“they need to quarantine both of you in the video and the whole film crew”

“Time fi da lady ya pack up n go find jesus like lady saw eno!!!!💀💀💀😭”

“I like you Maka but this is CRINGE man ...😅”

“I understand the concept of the video, it's genius. Dem slaughter her as granny and she reinvent herself everytime and she deliver. Big song and video”

See video below