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Liki Tiki Gets the Reggae Stylee

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Hawaii, Haiti, and Jamaica come together for this historic remix of 'Liki Tiki' by Kes (aka Kes The Band), featuring Maoli, J Boog, and J Perry, and produced by J-Vibe, Michal Brun (J Balvin, Mr Eazi), and Dwala.

"Liki Tiki is the way I describe our calypso-style rhythms and feel," Kes frontman Kees Dieffenthaller adds. "It's the driving force behind our music's swing." It's silky, attractive, and makes you happy."

For the remix, Jamaican-born producer J-Vibe adds a dash of Reggae influence, while Hawaiian-born artists Maoli and J Boog provide infectious vocals, making it the perfect soundtrack for any island party. Ineffable Records, based in California, released the album.

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