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Khalia Remakes Miley Cyrus's Flowers

Emerging roots reggae songbird Khalia has been one of the few Jamaican-based female acts that consistently release quality music, and the results of years of hard work are slowly being harvested from a growing catalogue of premium music.

With hit singles such as "Free", "No Better Day," and the ever-burning 2019 hit "Island Girl," which broke the mould and introduced Khalia to a global audience racking up close to 3.5 million impressions on TikTok.

With 2023 warming up, Khalia is getting ready to blaze some new hits and is already poised to drop a cover of the Miley Cyrus hit "Flowers" which will be produced by German-based Soundsystem and production house Duo Silly Walks Discotheque.


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