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Queen PATRA Returns with Tender Touch

Reggae and Dancehall superstar PATRA returns to music airwaves with the song “Tender Touch.” The highly anticipated single is a smooth reggae-infused single with sultry vocals encapsulating Patra's signature style, highlighting her artist's evolution.

About the single, PATRA says, “It’s all about sensuality, love and tenderness—no daggering, that’s about it.” Exploring love and intimacy, PATRA’s lyrics evoke vulnerability and passion. The song was produced by PATRA and accompanied by musical greats Mr. Dean Fraser, Kirk Bennett, Mitchum Chin, and Jason Walsh.

As she embarks on this new chapter, PATRA radiates belief, self-awareness, and purpose, and she’s poised to deliver a collection of quality music infused with love, life, and harmony.



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