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Kafi Kareem Releases Res It

Kafi Kareem released 2K, a two-track EP featuring the songs 'Res It' and 'Love My Life.' The tracks combine Trini dancehall riddims with melodic vocals and lyrics, focusing on themes of empowerment and life celebration.

The Trinbagonian's solo recording artist debut after a 16-year layoff from her lengthy career as a musical performer, which has taken her to major performance venues in Trinidad, the United States, Argentina, and Europe. Kafi made her public debut at the age of seven in a calypso competition at her primary school. She began writing and singing her original songs around this time.

"My grandma says I was singing before I could talk," Kafi says with a laugh. "I'm thrilled to be returning to music as a recording artist, and I'm grateful for the chance to work with Darius and Ghost." "Their beats are hot."

As listeners around the world enjoy and seek out music from the African diaspora, the diverse genres are blending and playing off one other more than ever. Kafi intends to continue making music that crosses genres and countries in order to share love, good vibrations, and positive messages.

When questioned about working with Kafi, Forever Music Records beat producer DariusFM868 states, "It's been a pleasure working with Kafi thus far." She really added some additional energy and feelings to both beats! Her originality and singing abilities are unrivalled for a new artist."



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