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Jamaica Jamaica

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Jamaica Jamaica! the music exhibition, had a very successful launch on Sunday February 2 at the National Gallery, downtown Kingston. Presented by the Ministry of Culture, Gender and Sports, the National Gallery of Jamaica (NGJ) and the Jamaican Music Museum in association with La Philharmonie de Paris, the launch saw scores of reggae fans converging on the National Gallery to support this impressive display of Jamaican popular music.

Initially launched at Philharmonie de Paris in 2017 and titled after the eponymous 1985 hit song by Brigadier “The General” Jerry, Jamaica, Jamaica! examines how the tiny Caribbean island of Jamaica has become an extraordinary force in artistic expression and creation.

Jamaica, Jamaica! brings together rare memorabilia, photographs, visual art, audio recordings and footage unearthed from Jamaica's best museums and most elusive collectors and studios, while collaborating with legendary local visual artists to convey the essence of a true Jamaican music experience.  

Jamaica, Jamaica! Will run from February 2, 2020  –  June 28, 2020 



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