• Dennis Howard

Gregory Issacs the 'Cool Ruler' songwriting GIANT

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Reggae legend Gregory Isaacs is undoubtedly among the elite songwriters of popular music and was blessed with an equally amazing voice. Gregory is well known as a crooner and is well-loved by female fans for his love song, consistent praise of women, and vocal dexterity.

Lyrically he was as powerful with whatever theme he addressed, and he certainly covered a variety of areas and concerns of the human condition. Here are some songs that exemplify his power as a songwriter.


This song is a danceHall classic which was a vital tune for all dances whether the dance was of the roots or soul variety. The record did not get airplay in Jamaica, but the sound system and cassettes made it a favourite among the people.

Slave Master

The 70s was a decade of anti-colonial fervour which found fertile grounds in the lyrics of reggae music. This anti-imperial and anti-slavery song implores the people never to forget the French, Spanish, and English atrocities committed during the North Atlantic slave trade and slavery in the Caribbean. This song is from the album Mr Issacs one of his most revolutionary projects.

Not the Way

In defence of women, Gregory implores his peers on the importance of treating women with respect and tolerance.

Mr Cop

An anti-colonial song that focuses on police brutality and an oppressive imperials system that used the police to oppress working-class citizens violently

Hush Darling

A classic ode to man as protector of the family and provider of tenderness to his female companion in a period of patriarchal dominance. Taken from the Album More Gregory.