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George Nooks with a Musical Message

Message In De Music is George Nooks’ first album in six years, a special release from Tad’s International Record. It has 15 songs, 13 of which are originals, and showcases the singer’s vocal and writing skills.

The veteran artiste, George Nooks, is pleased with his latest collection of songs, which he describes as “well-written and produced”. This project has him returning to his dancehall roots on songs like Leave Her Alone, a rocking collaboration with Josey Wales.

Other rootsy songs are "You’re Leaving Me", "Gangster," "From Jam Dung", "Rude Bwoy" and "Serious Times". But Nooks also has dedicated time on this album for the lovers on tracks such as "So Nice to Be With You", a song originally done by The Monkees but made famous in Jamaica by Boris Gardiner and Dennis Brown.

Message In De Music is Nooks’ first album since Through It All, a solid collection of inspirational songs released in 2018 by Tad’s International Record.

George Nooks has been making songs for over 45 years, starting with songs like "Tribal War" and "Left With A Broken Heart" for producer Joe Gibbs. As deejay Prince Mohamed, he provided the toast to hit singles by Dennis Brown (How Could I Leave/Bubbling Love) and Culture (Zion Gate/Fortyleg Dread).



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