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Dancehall/Reggae Veteran Rappa Robert Drops New Single Searching

Updated: Jun 25

Toronto-based artist Rappa Robert, also known as Musical Sniper, returns with a brand new single, "Searching," produced by Rootstime music.

Searching” hints at chill west-coast hiphop, with roots reggae influences in the live bass showing the artists’ reggae roots and dancehall foundation. The Miles Davis style trumpet melody; solid drum and bass with dynamic break- beat style transitions; and reggae influenced mixing techniques highlight the original and lively Rootstime sound.

Rappa Robert’s smooth vocals and unique DJ style shine on “Searching".

Fans of the dancehall scene will remember Rappa Robert from his vibrant 1980s era partnership with Tippa Lee. Their hit song "Nuh Trouble We" remains a classic of the period. Since then, Robert has embraced his singing roots, releasing conscious reggae music under the moniker Musical Sniper.

While many fans still know him as Rappa Robert, the artist has spent over a decade crafting roots-reggae tunes as Musical Sniper. Since his move to Toronto in 2004, he's carved a niche in the city's reggae scene.

His latest single, "Searching," follows a string of successful releases like "Tables Turning" and "Gone," co-produced with Jason "Jahson" Murphy of Rootstime Production.

"We're stepping it up with real reggae music," Robert says, expressing his satisfaction with his current direction. "I couldn't feel more comfortable."

He reveals a long-held passion for singing, even during his deejaying days with Tippa Lee. "Harmony is my thing," he explains. "It's what I always wanted to do."

After Tippa Lee moved to the US in the 1990s, Robert embarked on a solo journey. Embracing Rastafarian beliefs, he began recording roots reggae.

His 2001 album "Rough Upbringing" featured renowned musicians like Robbie Shakespeare and Monty Alexander. Sure, here is the revised text for clarity:

Born Robert Wilson in St. Ann, Jamaica, Robert's musical journey began in Kingston's Maxfield Avenue, immersed in the vibrant sound system culture. Early performances came through appearances on Radio Jamaica's "The Colgate Cavity Fighters Club."

He released several solo songs before his breakthrough partnership with Tippa Lee. "Nuh Trouble We," produced by the legendary Hugh "Redman" James, solidified their place in dancehall history.

However, settling into Canada has brought a sense of satisfaction. Songs like "Tables Turning" have found success on regional charts and radio, showcasing his commitment to quality music. In recent times, several singles have been released, including the reissue of "Dat Girl".

With "Searching," Rappa Robert, aka Musical Sniper, seems poised for a new chapter. He stays true to his roots while captivating audiences with his fusion reggae sound.



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