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Buju Banton Drops 'Ganja Man'

Following up on the heels of the 'Trust' remix which was not received well by fans, Buju Banton has released a new single 'Ganja Man'. The song has a throwback feels but does not really make a good first impression. Even his fans on YouTube were struggling to give the song high marks with comment mainly focussing on the legendary artist himself and not on the new single. Here are some of the comments

Shannon Nefra1 day ago Memories of being eight & my uncles blasting Gagamel & blazing a spliff. jah love2 days ago Big up

Steady Medz1 day ago (edited) Talk to dem Gargamel🇯🇲🇯🇲Ganja for your medz!! They arrested Ganja man in Westmoreland, Sainti and St. Ann now they free up the weed and lock out the real Ganja farmers. Only politicians and the well connected are profiting. Fire Bun!!

Legacy Loaded2 days ago Buju

One Knock2 days ago General Buju

#VENDETTA EMPRESS OOSSHHH2 days ago Blessings to you Buju Banton,,4.20 up and live,, #BLESS up rhe #GANJA🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 Noreen Birch1 day ago Yes mi artist! Mi a ride with you from the 90s. You always truthful. Who no love you, no love truth

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