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Book Profile - Ameliya Disappears by Angela “Punky” Stultz

Ameliya Disappears

Angela “Punky” Stultz, a Jamaican author and American best book non-fiction finalist based in Toronto, has written a new children’s book, Ameliya Disappears, which takes readers on a journey into the Caribbean folklore through the adventures of little Ameliya.

Stultz draws on her own experience as a child growing up in Jamaica and working in the Caribbean. Ameliya disappears into the world of “ghost story,” of women foretelling things to come -- all in the lilting dialect or patois of Jamaica. This imaginary tale touches on life issues –bullying and physical abuse, with messages encouraging prevention, overcoming and resilience.

It is the story of a little girl who lives with her grandmother and stumbles on her grandmother’s age-old secret, allowing Ameliya to tackle the social injustice she sees in her neighbourhood.

Ameliya Disappears is independently published. On September 11, Stultz held a virtual international launch of this book and her non-fiction, Signs and Wonders: Sojourn in the inner city, published in 2019.