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Billy Ocean Releases New Album and Single

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

One of the eighties' most distinguished R&B and pop voices is back, Billy Ocean who brought us upbeat jams like 'Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run)' and tender ballads with 'Suddenly' continues earning the love from fans and critics. When not in the studio, Billy Ocean still tours internationally on occasion. Ocean reunited with his long time producer, Barry Eastmond to drop a 'soulfully satisfying set of new material called One World.' 

 According to Peggy Oliver,' There is plenty to dance to throughout One World. The title track meshes a triumphant gospel, world and house music festival, while pleasing Caribbean rhythms carry 'Daylight'. 

Of course, Eastmond has not forgotten those grooves that propelled Ocean's hitmaking days, as evidenced on 'When I Saw You.' Not to forget the ballads, 'Nothing Will Stand in Our Way' bathes in strings, offering hope to stay the romantic course.' Feel the Love' humbly asks for a second chance and the R&B crooner comes out on 'Missing You Everyday.'

What is key in the long run, Ocean's keen phrasing and rich tone successfully holds One World all together.'

The Trinidad and Tobago legend has worked with Jamaican super producers Steelie and Cleavie on his album' Time To Move On' which production credits also include R Kelly.  

Listen to the new single below. 

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