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Ayra Star Believes Afrobeats Can Never be Diluted

In a recent interview with Tariro Mzezewa of ELLE Magazine, Nigerian singer Oyinkansola Aderibigbe, popularly known as Ayra Starr, expressed her views on the concerns about Afrobeats losing its originality due to international collaborations and its rising global popularity.

Ayra Starr strongly refuted the notion that Afrobeats is getting diluted, asserting that it's unfair to cast negativity on the genre simply because it has become mainstream. She emphasized the hard work of previous generations of African artists who paved the way for contemporary musicians like herself to achieve global recognition with this unique sound.

She stated, "It's not fair at all. People want to put negativity on Afrobeats because it has become so mainstream. The generations of African artists who worked to this extent for people like me to be able to be global with this sound worked for this. The genre’s not being diluted; it’s becoming mainstream. People are going to want to try things and do their own versions of them. The key is that when we stick together as Afrobeats artists and continue with our sound, it can never be diluted. Nobody is ever going to be able to do it like us. That’s just the truth, and it’s a beautiful thing to see and lovely to hear".


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