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Yaksta develops a new theme for Jamaican pop music.

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Breakthrough artist, Yaktsa continues to grow in popularity with every new release of his recordings. The artist who has been working hard to develop his craft is finally reaping the benefits of his hard work. In his artist development journey, he has created a new theme for Jam-Pop.

The artist has shifted the narrative of song lyrics from flossing and promoting consumerism

to an alternative new theme of financial awareness, personal development, and generational wealth.

The Investment over consumption theme is evident in the Bush Lawd's songs such as Ambition and Assets (Fowl Coop).

Yaksta noted, 'in today, as a society we focus more on the flashy material things and what is more expensive. I am standing from a different viewpoint; I believe that building generational wealth and focusing less on the expensive materials are steps in the right direction. This is for young and the young at heart'. The investment theme is strong in Asset (Fowl Coop).

Assets over hype dawg dem nae pree

Throw contributions a N.H.T

Suh me can qualify fi a loan

Use that money and purchase a home

His anti-consumerism message comes across powerfully in the following lyric from 'Ambition'. According to the Bush Lawd, 'is to build awareness and for my fans to shift focus, as the song is a movement in a bright direction.'

Boasting about name brands

Weh cost over eight grand (cho)

When Mr. Chin have the same one fi the cost of a straight pants

Why own a Ferrari? (why? why?)

With no where to park it? (wooiie)

Why shop at Louie V when there is a Target?

Now mi hype and mi feisty (feisty)

True mines mi a save it (save it)

Dem guh Fendi fi trendy (trend wah?)

Bank account cyah empty (bruck!)

Music fans have been very receptive to the new messaging as more and more Jamaicans realise that entrepreneurship, investing and saving are better options to improve their financial status.

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