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  • Lois Grant

Who Are The Gatekeepers in Media?

The Broadcasting Commission? Who is this Professor Lloyd Waller, Chairman of the Commission? Is he new to the organisation and responsible for breeding new life and action in the BC? Who are the commissioners? Where does Cordel Green, the attorney at law, factor in the Commission's management? Are his hands tied and his mouth taped?

If the new breed of so-called journalists is anything to go by. We better keep Cordell at the BC till he's ready to leave on a stretcher. Like some of our ageing politicians. Lol, you are supposed to laugh. Lol.

God help us, our children and grandchildren.

But seriously, after all these years, the Commission just recently and suddenly (October 2022 to be exact) announced that "it will be banning the broadcast of any edited song which directly or indirectly promotes scamming, illegal use or abuse of drugs, illegal or harmful use of guns or other offensive weapons, "jungle justice" or any form of illegal or criminal activity is strictly prohibited.

This includes live editing and original edits (e.g. edits by producer/label) and the use of near-sounding words as substitutes for offensive lyrics, expletives or profanities."

After all this time, the Broadcasting Commission has finally had the guts and the gall to come out and say this.

But who is monitoring all of this?

Jamaica's entertainment business is responsible for the dumbing down and downgrading of this society. Programmes like On Stage, ER, the various radio shows, the Kittys, the' ZIPpys s and all the various online so-called entertainment programmes are responsible for promoting dunceness, scamming, grinding on stage, the promotion and use of foul language and bhuttosim.

They should take some of the blame for what is happening in the country. They have contributed to some of the crime and violence, and stupidity through music and what they call entertainment. The blame is not just to fall on 'dance hall' music alone…and the lewd lyrics that have come to be associated with that genre of our music.

It's a general and overall dumbness that prevails on the airwaves of this country with its over 30 radio stations. Every puss and dog can start a station and feed nonsense to a still largely semi-literate audience.

Every "heediot" from the tenement yards of Jamaica can become famous and rich overnight with the foolishness they proclaim to be entertainment. The rubbish they say is music..and we wonder why the white groups and white people are making real money off our music while we continue to pick up peanuts?

I recently saw an interview with Anthony Miller and heard some of the rude questions he asked the woman he says is the richest woman in Jamaica. I heard him ask the woman in a dry and unpolished manner, "How much money do you have? No class. Rex would say that a Bhutto in a Benz is still a Bhutto. She answered discreetly and respectfully.

These so-called journalists have not set any example, so what do you expect from that ZIP FM girl trying to get her 15 seconds of fame.? She will get it by any means necessary, and so she feels it's ok to bring this thug to the studio and reward him with a prize and allow him to continue his disrespecting the people of this country.

She would have been fired immediately if I had been in charge of that station. Why is she still employed at the station.? Who is in charge there? The late owners of Irie and Zip must be turning in their graves at the horror of what's going on.

Investigative journalism died with people like John Maxwell, Mutty Perkins, Barbara Gloudon, and Aggrey Brown. These excuses for call-in radio shows are nothing more than political platforms for retired tired, and pop-down political party supporters who have nothing better to do during the day than sit on the phone and call in and chat nonsense. Do they get paid to do so? I hear they do. The programme hosts know them by name and voice.

I no longer listen to local radio. None of these so-called hosts can teach me anything new, so my dial is permanently on the BBC..the world's radio station.

Some of these presenters and radio hosts do not impress me at this age and stage, with their poor diction and lack of research before going on air, who have little or no training and believe that a diploma or 3-month course is all that is required to qualify them to be informants to a largely semi-literate audience.

Yes, I said it. When someone studies and receives an education, it is their responsibility to uplift those around them and to use that education to, in the words of a Tik Tok friend, "entertain, preach, and teach." I am not here to talk down to or to wallow in the mud with the rest of the semi-illiterates.


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