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Veteran toaster Louie Culture says the music industry could do with more artists like Popcaan.

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Veteran toaster Louie Culture says the music industry could do with more artists like Popcaan.

Speaking to producer DJ Kool Face in a recent Instagram Live, the Gangalee hitmaker commended the deejay beyond his artistry.

"Poppy a good artist man and not just a good artist, Poppy a good youth cause sometimes yuh have some good artists and dem ways nuh good," he said. "Dem youth deh respect the foundation and from yuh respect the foundation you going build pon it… We need more youth wid attitudes and ways like dem youth deh inna di business cause some a di youths dem hyper dan how dem career is. We nah bash nobody, but we haffi talk the truth."

It has become commonplace to hear veteran artists nitpick at the newer generation's style of music, but Louie Culture applauded several young acts.

"Yuh have a artist (Chronic Law) weh do a song weh seh 'rather deh pon a hillside…'; mi like dah artiste deh. If him continue inna dah trend deh dem cya stop him," he said, "Yuh have a next youth name Jahvillani; mi like dah youth deh, him have a vibe… Skillibeng…him have some style weh mi like… Good artiste and mi a tell him seh continue, just gwaan. Don't listen to nobody just gwaan do your songs dem. Yuh sound good youth."

He said his personal favourites include Jesse Royal and Kabaka Pyramid, and also gave nods to female acts Lila Ikè and Koffee.

He advised his younger peers to never neglect the people who aided in their success. He also left a word for producers, some of whom he believes contribute to negative and cyclical themes in today's music.

"Sometimes a producer a tell yuh seh is a gun tune him want pon di rhythm," he said. "Dem used to bring it to me earlier on as a young artist…'yow is a gyal tune mi want pon dis and mi nuh waan nothing clean'... So more time a artist him waan go pon the rhythm so him a guh go outta himself fi build a tune like that so sometimes mi give and take."

But he said there comes a time when an artist should think for himself.

"After a man mek a name and him ting a gwaan him nuh need fi do dat again. Yuh can stand up and seh shun negative cause sometimes di youth dem only a look ah Jamaica still, mi see that. Dem nah look pon the big world and the big globe and seh a deh so di ting deh."

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