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Usain Bolt globalising with Sprintray

Usain Bolt, renowned as the world's fastest man alive, has a newfound venture with dental 3D printing company Sprintray. The partnership entitled 'Bolt Labs powered by Sprintray' is a five-year sponsorship deal to make world-class digital dental care accessible to Jamaicans, mainly rural communities. According to Manufactur3D,

'The partnership will serve in establishing 3D dental labs, offices and a mobile unit; to meet the need for better dental care". Postulated by SprintRay Inc, CEO and Co-Founder Amir Mansouri, 'This initiative marks a pivotal step, as SprintRay continues to act on our mission to improve dental care quality and delivery times through technological innovation. Using our ecosystem of dental 3D printing products, dental work can now be completed in a fraction of the time and cost, and without multiple office visits.'

Furthermore, the nuances of digital dental technology, smart branding and public representation are enlightening to Jamaicans. The value proposition for SprintRay is about saving time and cutting costs while providing quality care.

Hence, the sprinting with 8-time global Olympic star Usain Bolt coincides with attaining the operational objectives. However, the thought emerged as to how the competition will setback Jamaica's dental providers; well, Bolt has taken the initiative of partnering with the Jamaica Dental Association to foresee the mission becoming a reality.

The niche is evident, and the plan is concise; I mean, who better to rep speed and time than the fastest man himself.



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