• RiddimStyle Staff Writer

Urban Mystic Pays tribute to Jah Cure

Updated: Apr 2

SoBe Entertainment r&b singer Urban Mystic has released his latest single, and the song is a cover of Jah Cure's True Reflections, a breakthrough song for the popular reggae singer in 2006. Jah Cure is facing serious charges of attempted murder and will know his fate when the Court of Amsterdam delivers its verdict on 22 March.

True Reflections was recorded by Jah Cure while he was incarcerated and was partly responsible for his rise to popularity. Jah cure was signed to Sobe entertainment upon release from prison, where the two artists became stablemates. Urban Mystic delivers a beautiful rendition of the song which gives it a smooth r&b feel. The veteran singer is best known for his hit singles, 'Where Were You' and 'I Refuse', the Florida based singer has released five albums.


Jah Cure was sentenced March 22 to six years in prison in the Netherlands for attempted manslaughter.