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  • Janae Hyman

Turbulence Turns Actor

The song 'Jamaica Holiday' by Turbulence has inspired a film! Marlon Folkes, the CEO and owner of Reggae Vibes Music, announced a few days ago that their latest release - 'Jamaica Holiday,' performed by Turbulence - has inspired a film.

Richard Brown and Glenroy Dodd are writing and directing the two-hour movie, which will be released for free on YouTube. Richard Brown Films and Jammiwood are producing.

When asked to provide a brief synopsis of the film, Folkes stated: 'a character dealing with life's difficulties who decides to travel across the country to clear his mind.

The journey shows the good and bad of Jamaica, mostly the good, and how the bad becomes good.' Naturally, Turbulence will play a part, though it is unclear what that role will be. The film Jamaica Holiday will be released in August.

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