• Janae Hyman

The Yutes and Masicka release Get Money

With a star-studded cast, "Get Money," The Yutes' first single from their forthcoming album, "Ghetto Yutes," will captivate audiences in Jamaica, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Africa. Masicka's dominance in the dancehall scene is undeniable, as evidenced by his massive YouTube and social media following, whereas The Yutes' allure in the United States stems from their uncanny fusion of hip-hop, dancehall, and reggae. The Yutes, in collaboration with Grammy-winning producer Teflon, have put together the pieces needed to make a global impact with their 2022 debut track.

The Yutes are venturing into uncharted, yet extremely promising territory, drawing inspiration from the pervasive appeal of dancehall and hip-hop. "Get Money" combines their Jamaican roots with their upbringing in the United States, resulting in a sound that transcends genres with few, if any, comparable references.

As Mr. Lexx's sons, The Yutes, the duo comprised of biological brothers Chris and Santris Palmer, demonstrate that their multinational background has given them a keen ear for several different genres, and with this gift, and a recent trip to their hometown of Kingston, they have put together a slew of impressive tracks for their forthcoming album, of which "Get Money" is only the first.

The video for "Get Money," directed by Shane Creative, will premiere on Masicka's YouTube channel, where he has nearly one million subscribers and millions of views on each of his videos. "Get Money" will reach global audiences and has the potential to be The Yutes' biggest track yet, thanks to Masicka's loyal following and trap dancehall's recent surge in popularity, which has been covered by Red Bull, Dancehall Mag, Urban Islandz, and AfroPunk. The Yutes have been pioneering the genre alongside acts like Skeng, Skillibeng, and Squash for over three years, and they are stepping into the spotlight with "Get Money."