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The Revolution Is Real

Updated: May 25, 2020

Dennis Howard

The Covid 19 pandemic has created a sea change in everyday life, finance, global trade transportation, health and education like everything else have been disrupted. The world is now grappling to find new solutions to problems created by the pandemic. Some are seeing this as a revolution, due the fact that our lives will be drastically altered even when a vaccine is eventually developed for the coronavirus.

Popular music over the years has led the way in seeking justice and redemption for the underclass and questioning the status quo. In some cases the lyrics of our musical icons have served as prophetic warnings to the world and an opiate for a brighter future. Let's examine some songs that are very relevant to the times we are experiencing right now.

Signs of The Time - Prince Utilising a sparse drum and bass beat with spurts of guitars magic, Prince laments about the problems of AIDS, the crack epidemic, gang life, the crash of the Challenger, natural disasters, drug use, death and the negative tone of news. Indeed signs of the time.

The Revolution Will, Not Be Televised - Gil Scott Heron The son of Jamaican footballer Gilly Heron, Gil Scott Heron delivers a body blow to racism and injustice against blacks in America. It is also a rejection of America’s media driven culture of consumerism and the one sided perspective of whiteness that is projected on American media. A far cry from the reality that is America. It's a call to action for black Americans to actively resist white supremacy and oppression. The revolution is not on your fake news television its on the streets where blacks have to take actions to liberate themselves.

Revolution - Bob Marley These are the songs that mainstream culture try to ignore from the musical prophet Bob Marley. Another call to action for social and political change and an end to injustice. A powerful defence of Rastafarian levity and a rejection of shady political operatives. This is about empowerment of the dispossessed on their own terms and not those of their political and spiritual leaders.

Love in Need of Love Today - Stevie Wonder Like the Pied Piper, Stevie Wonder is announcing to world that love and only love is the answer. Stevie wants us to follow him along his noble journey, to kill hate and replace it with peace and unity.

Rastafari Is Peter Tosh Known for his militancy and strident rebuke of oppression, Tosh is captured here in a reflective and spiritual mood. Extolling the virtues of Rastafarian levity and showing reverence for the supreme being. The song is delivered in Nyahbinghi incantations that has crossed over to mainstream spiritual worship.

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