• Dennis Howard

The Making of a Dancehall Star from Struggle to Stardom (Part III)

Asylum man start let mi in free now... an a pure hail up mi a get when mi go ah de club now. Mi tune a run di place; mi no care whey some people ah talk bout dat mi a degrade woman cause when my tune a play a pure gal a jump up. Mi Mark II nice, an a pure hot gal mi ah flex wid now. Mi did tired a Sharon and Debbie yaw, plus dem know too much bout mi an everytime mi song 'Bare if you Dare' play, an di line whey say “bun out all eater bwoy” come up, dem look pon mi an smile especially when wi inna crowd.

A some serious money mi waan fi stage show now, cause mi haffi mek all de money me can, cause mi no know when mi ago get a next hit. A bwoy betta know sey dem haffi fork out $200,000 fi dance and $400,000 fi stage show. Ah ten gee mi want fi go a New York right now. Bonnie and George Crooks ah set up some shows fi mi, suh mi can go 'tour'. Mi go Canada last week an buss de place.

The only thing was the promoter did have mi a do a whole heap ah interviews all over de place. Dat mek mi miss bout three girls whey did come fi pick mi up a de hotel. Mi druggist fren couldn’t get fi carry mi go buy some stuff a di mall.

Mi caan believe it! Imagine me an mi posse go ah Fire Links Birthday Bash and the gate bwoy nuh want let we in, an a only 20 ah we. When mi tell di fool fi let wi in, him nuh waan doi t. All mi tell de bwoy sey a me name whey mi name. Him ah frowns up pon wi, an ah tell wi fi pay cause him no care a who wi. A good thing de dads from out so see we an tell de bwoy fi let we in. Cho, ah like mi did ah go lik de fool yunno.

Right now mi caan bother wid no interview ting. Judith Bodley and Donna Chin want mi fi come talk bout how we always a bash woman inna we deejay song dem. Mi nah go ya sah, cause dem two woman deh nuh play fi “corner deejay” an mek dem look fool. Me fraid a dem!

De newspaper people dem from Hagley Park Road start deal wid mi nice. Mi see a nice article pon mi. Ah true de editor nuh know sey mi like her, mi a go send her some flowers dis week.

Ah wha day Tony ah tell mi fi thank de people dem ah North Street fi de story dem write, but mi nuh have no time fi call nuhbody. Ah nuff time mi did haffi call dem before mi buss.

De Drought - Ah two years now an mi don’t get another hit. Rasta ah wha ah gwaan? All mi ah voice, nutten nah gwan. Mi all start voice fi Jeremy again, and some other man whey mi diss up, and still it not happening. Mi Mark II in a bad way, and mi owe the mechanic some money. These days mi jus stay home cause no money nah run an mi can’t even buy gas fi de car. Mi soon haffi lef dis apartment cause de rent ah get steep. If mi did jus listen to Tony when him tell mi fi buy de house inna Duhaney Park; but mi did think money woulda ah run all now.

Bwoy mi feel bad and shame how things a run – you see it. Some man a look pon mi like dem a laugh after mi. All some man whey mi diss up when mi song did hot and a run de place. Jeremy all start treat mi like a new deejay. Him mek mi wait fi de last fi voice these days. Ah wonder if mi a go get a next big tune?

You see when mi get it! Yuh watch how mi ah go show off pon some bwoy. Ah one Prado mi ah go buy. An ah Chancery Hall mi ah live dis time. Mi nah watch no face! Cause once mi get a big tune, things nice. Shizzle Mi Nizzle!

Taken from Rantin Inside The Dancehall


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