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The Making of a Dancehall Star from Struggle to Stardom (Part II)

DI JOURNEY Continues

Bwoy, if mi did know sey dis deejay business so hard mi wouldn’t even start. A two years now and mi voice 15 song and none no play pon de radio yet. All mi get a some dancehall play an mi did haffi pay all de selector dem. Mi an True Blue fall out, cause dem man deh nah look out fi me. All him a do, a deal wid di big heavy artiste dem. Mi check Bobby Digital and de man don’t even look pon mi all now and about 10 time mi check him. A likkle producer from New York name Tony Bigs did a work wid mi couple months ago.

The man did nice iya! Him make sure mi have money all de time. Him bring down some wicked gears fi I, de lates’ Skechers, Wu wear, Nike and a bad watch. Di girls dem nuh stop look pon it.

Mi and the man start put together a album. We complete bout 10 songs and suppose to do five more. Him all a talk bout some distribution from Park Heights inna New York. Di man go up fi deal wid some business and de next ting mi hear is dat him get bite inna LA, wid 10 key a coke. De las time mi call, mi hear sey him get 20 years federal time. Dat mean him nah see road fi now and nobody cyan tell mi bout the tape dem wid me song dem. Bwoy, I man salt, rasta; a when mi a go buss?

Mi go a Asylum last Thursday nite an hear Stone Love a nice up de place. It give mi a vibes fi write a song bout de vibes wey mi see a de club. All a de girl dem nah wear nuh panty and dem just lift up dem skirt or frock when de Hardcopy photographer and de Nite Rider put dem camera pon dem. Is like de girls dem get more brazen.

One a de Reggae Boyz come wid two girls and leave wid two different girls, Elephant Man pass thru and spend couple G a de bar. Bwoy it betta him did gi mi some a de money cause I man rent due, you see it. But back to de gal dem. I a go call de tune 'Bare if Yu Dare,' an mi have de punch line a ready.

Hear dis: 'Gal, if yu hav wha it takes bare if you dear/Yu shave de p---y hair, Bare if you dare/Victoria nuh have nuh secret fi you/ Bare if you dare...'

Bwoy, a big tune, yu see it. Mi hear Cobra wid a hot line wey woulda soun wicked wid mi punchline. Mi a go check Dave Kelly wid deh one yah, although him nuh like record songs whey him nuh write, a hope him like dis. If him nuh like it mi a go check Jeremy Harding cause him Liquid riddim a run de place.

Dave Kelly sey him nuh like it. Cho, a true a nuh him write it, mon! Dem bwoy deh love de publishing fi dem self. A bet if Tony Kelly did deh yah him would take it. Jeremy sey him like it an him a go record it on Friday.

First 'big' chune

Well, mi nice! Di tune record an Colin Hines and Gary G buss de tune, Stone Love, Fire Links and Asylum deejays nuh stop play it. A di fus time mi nuh hav fi juice off nuh sounman fi get some play. Fatta and Litta nuh stop call mi fi special. Who, mi soon a drive mi Mark 2. Mi done talk to Worldtron boss an tell him mi a come fi de wicked grey Mark 2 mi di da look pon. Mi ago put in a wicked system inna it. All mi need is another $100,000. Two sounman from Hartford a come next week so mi safe. Debbie and Sharon a pressure mi case too much, from wha day yah. You know sey mi a go lef dem.

Mi cyaan tek how big foot jus unda mi arm. A man fi know sey him deh pon him own, you hear sah. A me an Elephant a run now. The Killah want mi work a him Birthday Bash and de one Murray want fi manage mi – a mi deejay money him want come share. All of a sudden Solid Booking Agency start call mi and even Jade Booking Agency to! A wha dis fada?

Mi a go up a Jeremy go voice some tune, yah. A my bwoy dat!

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